Winter Shows 2014


**all shows are in NYC unless otherwise noted


Current and Ongoing Projects

Fast Food Collective: is an expanded cinema collective.  Through this I curate a variety of A/V related events in NYC.
The Secret Soup - Solo Audiovisual Performance
One Minutes: One minute audiovisual collaborations
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    • Lab No. 3: Eric Barry Drasin

      Lab No. 3:  Eric Barry Drasin

      Saturday May 3rd, 8pm
      @ Launchpad 721 Franklin Avenue, BK

      $5 requested donation (if you please…)

      I’ll bring some beers (each for $1 or an I.O.U.)
      otherwise BYOdrinks

      The Secret Soup is a realtime system for improvised audiovisual composition. Referencing analog synthesis techniques, custom digital interfaces control oscillators, loopers, and synesthetic effects processing with 1:1 visual counterpart. The piece exists simultaneously as a “living system,” an immersive installation and a performance.

      For this iteration of the performance, the piece is reimagined as an intermedia ensemble. A graphic score is created allowing for multiple performers in different mediums to improvise in the same space. The score is based on a series of “waveforms” that are organized in modules similar to the way Terry Riley’s “In C”. There will be a brief set of directions instructing the performers on how to move through the modules and listen. Outside of the structure of the score I am not placing limitations on what the performers play, but instead ask that they are willing to discover what these shapes mean together. 

      ++ Eric Barry Drasin - Composition, Audiovisuals (http://ericbarrydrasin.com/
      ++ Joseph Branciforte - Drums (http://josephbranciforte.com/
      ++Nick Berry - Sidrassi Organ, electronics
      ++ Jessica Cook - Movement

      And if you don’t already know….
      Here’s what the LAB series is all about: 

      Each event will be somewhere between a performance, lecture/discussion, or experiment - designed by one artist. 

      The goal is to create an environment in which the artist can pose (perhaps answer) some question they have about their own practice, utilizing the willing audience. It is an opportunity to take risks we might not take in a performance setting, or have a more candid relationship to the audience, or generate new ideas, ways of thinking, drive home a point, or gather feedback, etc. etc. 

      My hope in creating the series is the emergence of a space where the possibility of failure is embraced, even invited, for the sake of stretching ourselves as be-ers, makers and thinkers - the only desired “result” being a mutually beneficial learning experience for both artist and audience, and the movement of ideas.

      Come on out, we need you to do this ^ ^ ^


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      Surrender to Death






    • Improvised Electronics Round Robin March 26 2014, Outpost Artist Resources

      8pm - 11pm

      1665 Norman St. 

      Ridgewood Queens NY



    • Distended Cinema 3.2.14 vines


    • distENDed cinema: temporal flow in the wake of sound | Facebook


      distENDed cinema: temporal flow in the wake of sound
      2014 episode 1… no muss no fuss
      Audio Visual performance… for it’s own sake (and yours)
      R. Luke Dubois  - solo AV
      LoVid  -  live video duo
      Tristan Perich - solo AV
      Raz Mesinai  - solo AV
      Data|Space|Time | Lisa Gwilliam & Ray Sweeten
      David Linton: bicamRL AV - with Ha-Yang Kim - cello

      Greg Fox - Eric Barry Drasin  - AV duet

      Sunday March 2nd
      7PM Door
      8PM Sets
      Outpost Artist Resources
      1665 Norman StreetRidgewood, New York 11385


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    • 02/19/14

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    • 02/18/14

    • Single Channel Cheeseburgers II 2/21/14 Outpost Artists Resource



      FEB 21 8pm

      Outpost Artists Resource

      1665 Norman Street
      Ridgewood, New York 11385

      Fast Food Collective is back with its second evening of audiovisual performances. Participating artists include:

      Sofy Yuditskaya
      Gocha Tsinadze
      Matt Romein
      Peter Shapiro
      Matthew Caron
      Joshua Mark Goldberg
      Eric Barry Drasin
      Alex Nathanson