Dungeon Master is the world’s most brutal academic speed metal powerpoint band.

Dungeon Master is pleased to present a 5 paragraph rock opera, “Fear and Trembling: On The Blockchain.” Taking a critical stance on the rise of decentralized cryptocurrencies, Dungeon Master introduces the inherent problems of digital speculation economies and the subversion of the legal system.

As the forces of darkness converge on the fragmentation of the nation state and the rise of autocratic regimes propelled by their own stateless sovereignty, Dungeon Master espouses the music of a neo-feudal dark age where accelerated capitalism reaches its zenith and war and poverty are normalized throughout the world.

The libertarian fever dream crests in a beautiful halo…of heavy metal powerpoint presentations.

Dungeon Master will violently challenge your intellect and viciously problematize your preconceived notions, pushing your thought process into a blood soaked manic frenzy; an onslaught of olde god berserkers asking questions and giving answers.