Shorter Bio:

Eric Barry Drasin is a Brooklyn-based artist, musician and curator working at the intersection of digital media, performance and installation.   Rooted in the Expanded Cinema tradition, his work explores the relationship between composition, interface, performance, score, and synesthetic audiovisual systems.

Better Bio:

Eric Barry Drasin is an artist and interloper working at the intersection of antiquated technology, grandiose gestures, spiritual materialism, and failed utopian idealism. Despite it all, he persists in tacit defiance of anything that makes too much sense. He has created audiovisual performances and installations in some places you’ve probably heard of, and maybe some that you haven’t. He’s a Cat Lady in a fast food collective, will buy anyone tea and poundcake, and likes to stare at walls. In the end, he remains hopeful.

Longer Bio:

Eric Barry Drasin is a Visual Artist, Musician and Curator working at the intersection of Digital Media, Installation and Real-time Synesthetic Audio-visual Performance.  He investigates ideas of Network, Community and Score through interactive performance environments, public interventions, impossible gestures, games, and abject failure.

Influenced by Improvised Music, Early Electronic Art, Esoteric Philosophies, Alternative Psychotherapeutic Modalities, Fluxus, and Radical Community Organizing, Eric creates systems and environments where digital media and performance embody notions of utopian collectivity and where space is operated upon as a compositional score.

Eric’s current projects include “The Secret Soup,” which is a synesthetic audiovisual performance system, “Maximum Magic,” an Expanded Pinball Research and Development Bureau, and the Fast Food Collective.  He is also the Artist in Residence at the Grand Morelos diner in Williamsburg where he will buy anyone coffee and pound cake.

Eric is the Cat Lady (primary organizer) of the “Fast Food Collective,” a Real-time Video Art Collective based in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  At its core, Fast Food is a group of friends who all work with performative media. Their mission is to present multimedia performance in a context that lends itself to critical dialogue and contextualization within the broader field of media art history/theory and contemporary performance.  Through this vehicle he organizes two series, “The Improvised Electronics Round Robin” and “Performing Systems.”

Eric currently lives and works in and around NYC as an Artist, Dream Architect, and Video Technician/Projection Designer for live events.