Eric Barry Drasin is a Visual Artist, Musician and Curator working at the intersection of Digital Media, Installation and Real-time Synesthetic Audio-visual Performance.  He investigates ideas of Network, Community and Score through interactive performance environments, public interventions, impossible gestures, games, and abject failure.

Influenced by Improvised Music, Early Electronic Art, Esoteric Philosophies, Alternative Psychotherapeutic Modalities, Fluxus, and Radical Community Organizing, Eric creates systems and environments where digital media and performance embody notions of utopian collectivity and where space is operated upon as a compositional score.

For the past several years, Eric has been performing with custom audiovisual synthesis systems. Additionally, Eric founded the “Fast Food Collective,” a Real-time Video Art Collective based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Through this vehicle he initiated two series, “The Improvised Electronics Round Robin” and “Performing Systems.”

From 2010 -2015, Eric was the Creative Director of Hack Interactive, an experiential video design studio.

In 2016, he co-founded Moving Pictures Gallery with Benton C Bainbridge, a platform for digital art sales.

In 2017, Eric founded Confetti Machine, an experiential label for distributed artworks with Matthew Gantt and Joseph Branciforte. The label was launched with a festival of Realtime Media performance at Outpost Artists Resources.

2017 also saw the creation of Diggers, which creates expanded media scores.

Eric is pursuing his MFA at University at Buffalo in starting in the fall, 2017.