Programming Overview


  • Cat Lady: Eric Barry Drasin
  • Contributing Artists:
  • Sofy Yuditskaya
  • Reid Bingham
  • Brendan Byrne
  • Matt Romein
  • Gocha Tzinadse
  • Sam Baumel
  • Josh Goldberg
  • Matthew Caron
  • Alex Nathanson
  • Pete Shapiro
  • Phil Stearns
  • Jen Kutler
  • Jonas Bers
  • Benton-C Bainbridge
  • Nick Fox Geig
  • James Cao
  • Hans Tammen
  • Reid Bingham

Fast Food was a platform for experiments in Real-Time Media Performance. This manifested in events, projects and community initiatives since 2012.  Our mission was to present multimedia performance in a serious context that lended itself to critical dialogue and contextualization within the broader field of media art history/theory and contemporary performance.