Exit Strategy


500w Laser, Software

Dungeon Master Fear and Trembling: On the Blockchain


Academic Speed Metal Powerpoint Album

Colab Work Group – 8.5.19

2019 – Present

Zoom Video Conference

Participants:Gary Coulter, Eric Barry Drasin, Steve Henley, Daryl Neudorf, Ned Robinson, Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Jim Whitescarver

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Artists Rights and Transfer Sale Agreement


Legal contract by Seth Siegelaub, Robert Projansky

Distributed Art Object Framework, 


Omnigraffle Diagrams and Text

Neoliberal Infinity Bong


Acrylic Bong, embedded electronics, video

Duration: 1 minute

Dungeon Master Social

2020 – Ongoing

Instagram videos, custom sparkAR filter, looping video

Lean Startup Strategy Control 


Omnigraffle Drawing, Archival Inkjet Print

Build Measure Learn


Omnigraffle Drawing, Archival Inkjet Print

Engine of Growth


Omnigraffle Drawing, Archival Inkjet Print

White Paper


Infinitely Scrolling Webpage

Value Mutability Matrix 


screens, video, custom software

Duration: 1hr

This was my MFA Thesis exhibition which was supposed to have existed from 3.7.20 – 4.4.20 at the Big Orbit Project Space in Buffalo NY. Due to global pandemic, the installation was only up for one day before everything was shut down.

This is the iphone documentation we were able to get from the one day it was open. However the inability to access the space wound up spawning a slew of online activities related to the exhibition.

Download the gallery release.

“In Exit Strategy, I am exhibiting two processes as a dialectic, dealing with our current moment in technology, art, value and possibility. The subject of both processes is distributed technologies like the blockchain, which underpins cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

In the Distributed Art Object Framework, I begin to outline a technological and legal stack which gives rise to emergent forms of digital property. This is presented as a speculative series of protocols, existing as an open source, distributed commons. This project uses the legal frameworks and language of conceptual art to help articulate how and why we must consider digital property as a fundamental right, open and available to all people.

By encoding new behaviors into old containers of value, we redesign how an economy can function. Perhaps in fairer, and more interesting ways.

Since July of 2019, I have been leading development on the DAOF with a cooperative research team. We recently started encoding the Artists Rights and Transfer Sale Agreement, a seminal legal text outlining a schema for artists rights and re-sale royalties. We are creating an automated version of this contract, one that artists can freely use to edition their digital work.

Dungeon Master provides a foil to the utopian ideas presented in the DAOF. Dungeon Master is the world’s most brutal academic speed metal powerpoint band. Here we present our first academic speed metal powerpoint album in its entirety, “Fear and Trembling: on the Blockchain.”

Dungeon Master presents an alternative vision of the blockchain, as I embody a character from the “Dark Enlightenment,” or a group of rogue academics and libertarians who seek to use these technologies to consolidate their power, disrupt democratic institutions and instantiate a type of “Neo-Feudalism,” whereby one’s access to capital more directly dictates one’s ability to influence political process.”