The Secret Soup Is In Your Shoes

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The Secret Soup Is In Your Shoes (2014)

Solo Project House Gallery @ Gateway Center, Newark NJ

A multi-channel audiovisual installation by Eric Barry Drasin.  Based on the “Secret Soup” performances, this installation fragments and spacializes the piece into an ambient multi channel work that implies a type of healing circle.

The piece consists of 7 looping DVD’s.  The piece is designed to be displayed on 7 sequential television monitors placed on folding chairs, with an eighth empty chair.

About The Secret Soup:

The Secret Soup is a realtime system for improvised audiovisual composition.

The work is improvised as a direct expression of spontaneous ecstatic experience, flickering and shimmering as layers of energy are built up and explored.  Each pass through reveals a new level of complexity as forms grow and evolve.
Referencing audiovisual synthesis techniques, custom digital interfaces control two

oscillators and looper with 1:1 visual counterpart.  Lines move across the frame while the oscillators are played to create an audiovisual gesture.  This gesture is looped and a new gesture is  created forming a call and response using waveforms as

the vernacular.  In this way a tableau is sculpted and layered to create rich tapestries of light and sound.  A narrative of abstract forms emerges as the composition becomes more dense and complex over time.

The piece exists simultaneously as a “living system,”  an immersive installation and a performance.  The system is living, in that it is constantly evolving and new relationships between sound and light are readily mapped as the system changes.  Each performance is both unique to the moment of conception and recorded to preserve that specific iteration.