The Secret Soup

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Secret Soup Performance in Flint MI


Secret Soup is in Your Shoes, (Multi-Channel Installation) All that Glitters, Solo Project House, Newark NJ


The Secret Soup is a digital real-time system for improvised audiovisual composition. Referencing audiovisual synthesis techniques, custom interfaces control LFO waveforms and looper with 1:1 audiovisual counterpart. Lines move across the frame while the oscillators are played to create an audiovisual gesture.

In a constant state of revision, the process has been realized as solo audiovisual performance, immersive interactive projection mapped installation, gallery installation, and as a score for intermedia performance ensemble.

The improvisatory nature of the score allows for constant recombination, breaking down the relationship between preconceived meanings and conceptions.  Language is sublimated into feeling, tone, texture so the habit of its construction can be stripped and a new way can be found.  Emulating the basic relationships of electronic signals allows me to “speak” in this energy. In this way, new meaning can be explored, probing in real-time for the sudden revelation that can occur through an integrated and fully authentic gesture.

Selected Solo Performances:

12.19.14 Fast Food Collective Presents – Single Channel Cheeseburgers @ Secret Project Robot

2.21.14 Single Channel Cheeseburgers @ Outpost Artist Resources

3.2.14 Distended Cinema @ Outpost Artist Resources

Intermedia Ensemble:

5.2.14 Lab No. 3 @ Launchpad Brooklyn

Gallery Shows:

Jan – March 2014, All that Glitters, Group Gallery Show @ Solo Project House Gateway Center, Newark NJ

June – August 2014, The Luminous Surface @ The Mission for Temporal Art, Marshall, North Carolina

Immersive Installation:

May 2014 Generative Soup, Interactive Tether Ball, Projection Mapped House, commissioned by Disorent for Disorient Country Club, Skandanken NY

August 2014, Free City Flint, Projection Mapped Performance, Flint Michigan


for booking please contact me directly @ eric (dot) drasin (at) gmail (dot) com

Lost Property Unit

By | 2013, 2014

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Lost Property Unit – Beat Repeat from Eric Barry Drasin on Vimeo.

Lost Property Unit Night 2 jan 2014 from yuditskaya on Vimeo.


Lost Property Unit @ Gov’s Island from yuditskaya on Vimeo.

Choreography: Mei-Yin Ng
Projection Design: Sofy Yuditskaya
Additional Projection Design: Eric Barry Drasin
Lighting Design: Poe Ayumu
Sound Design: James Lo

In October of 2013 I started a residency on Governors Island with Sofy Yuditskaya and Choreographer Mei-Yin Ng on a multi-media dance performance. Here is some documentation of the works in progress showcase on the Island. The piece is in production for a showcase in early February 2014 as part of “HERE” Culturemart.

In “Lost Property Unit”, New York City’s own chartered dance explorer Mei-Yin Ng opens an investigation into the bodily and soul-driven limits of surveillance, networking, and media. Dance, robotic sculpture, and a time bending blend of live and recorded video craft a chilling narrative of a beautiful recluse and the cyborg pet who is anything but her best friend. Quoting and re-writing Hitchcock’s thrillers, Wong Kar-wai’s nostalgic romances, the science fiction of Twilight Zone, and the canon of Chinese mythology, “Lost Property Unit” lures us into a head space where solitude is never total and togetherness is always just out of reach.

The Secret Soup Is In Your Shoes

By | 2014


The Secret Soup Is In Your Shoes (2014)

Solo Project House Gallery @ Gateway Center, Newark NJ

A multi-channel audiovisual installation by Eric Barry Drasin.  Based on the “Secret Soup” performances, this installation fragments and spacializes the piece into an ambient multi channel work that implies a type of healing circle.

The piece consists of 7 looping DVD’s.  The piece is designed to be displayed on 7 sequential television monitors placed on folding chairs, with an eighth empty chair.

About The Secret Soup:

The Secret Soup is a realtime system for improvised audiovisual composition.

The work is improvised as a direct expression of spontaneous ecstatic experience, flickering and shimmering as layers of energy are built up and explored.  Each pass through reveals a new level of complexity as forms grow and evolve.
Referencing audiovisual synthesis techniques, custom digital interfaces control two

oscillators and looper with 1:1 visual counterpart.  Lines move across the frame while the oscillators are played to create an audiovisual gesture.  This gesture is looped and a new gesture is  created forming a call and response using waveforms as

the vernacular.  In this way a tableau is sculpted and layered to create rich tapestries of light and sound.  A narrative of abstract forms emerges as the composition becomes more dense and complex over time.

The piece exists simultaneously as a “living system,”  an immersive installation and a performance.  The system is living, in that it is constantly evolving and new relationships between sound and light are readily mapped as the system changes.  Each performance is both unique to the moment of conception and recorded to preserve that specific iteration.

Readymade Holiday Recycle Station

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I was commissioned by the NY Hall of Science for the “Re-Make the Holidays” event. We designed an interactive video installation where electronic sensors embedded in everyday products would glitch, scratch and warp christmas videos advertising those products.

Producer – Eric Barry Drasin
Programming – Zephyr Prusinski

Rebirth into the Ageless

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In 2012 I was reborn into the Ageless.  It signified my dis-identification with age based narrative.  As it was my last birthday party ever, and it needed to count.  We had a Balkan Brass band, the Slavic Soul Party follow us  on the subway out to the water were we performed a rebirth ritual based on a Voodoo rock band from the 70’s.  Dressed in black, I carried a shovel with me to the beach where I dug my own grave.  The party took turns burying me alive while  Jesse Super Levy of the Levites, aka the White Wizard of the North, Comma, Jersey officiated.  After reciting the Yiska, I was triumphantly reborn as the Obeah man, a mythical figure of power and virility, and led the party in a totally sweet jam.

The First AlChemical Bank of Public Square

By | 2011

alchemicalbankThe First AlChemical Bank of Public Square was a public art project executed in conjunction with the Occupy movement of Fall 2011, in Watertown NY. Setting up a gift economy bank in the center of town, protesters and passers by were asked to engage with a process that transmuted possibility into self actualizing social currency. These were formalized in gift certificates acknowledging the validity of these desires in the public and private spheres. Protesters were asked to “cash in” their picket signs and then redesign new picket signs actualizing their ideas of what they wanted in the present. The local media picked up on the protesters and we made it onto the local news for the North Country that day!

Silence Club

By | 2012


The Bushwick Silence Club is dedicated to sitting in silence and staring at the wall. We do not talk, fidget, or think.  We do, nothing, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Our practice is familiar to those who engage in mindfulness meditation, however it is not limited to any sect, tradition or belief. We do not have teachers, gurus, crystals, or dreamcatchers. Only a cold concrete floor. Which is its own dreamcatcher.

We meet for one hour every Sunday.


Fast Food Music Video

By | 2012




FFMV is an experimental platform for DIY music video production and distribution. We are trying to change the idea of what and how a music video is. Developing a concept called social cinema, we employ radically different techniques towards the creation of music videos involving audience participation, cutting edge technology, Absurdist spectacle, non linear story telling, collaborative process and the distribution power of online publishing.

Check out the  Fast Food Music Video Website

Rainbow Thieves

By | 2011


Hybrid inflatable, augmented reality sculpture

For the 2011 Bushwick Open Studios, Sean McIntyre, Jenn Park and myself made a giant inflatable rainbow that vomited out of our 3rd story kitchen window into the empty lot next door.  When people from the street walked by, the had the opportunity to see a custom augmented reality overlay sculpture we put over the empty lot.  rainbowslug pot1 flyer

The First International Symposium on Speed Metal Drumming and Arts in Education

By | 2011

Dungeon Master fliers
Dungeon Master and Nsumi Collective presented “The First International Simultaneous Speed Metal Drumming Symposium on Arts and Education” at Postmasters Gallery in NYC, on June 26, 2011. This was part of the “Being and Event” evening that was presented by Artist Meeting. Sponsored by Guitar Center.

Dungeon Master, the worlds most brutal academic speed metal powerpoint band, gave opening plenary statements involving a powerpoint lecture about the teleological relationship between, time, the universe and geographic formations on planet earth. Lead Lecturer Harry Merrit was backed by a Speed Metal trio, fog machines and laser pointers to help emphasize the key points in the presentation. Following this was a panel discussion by distinguished speed metal drummers where the panelists answered questions delivered by electric guitar “shred” by one minute rhythmic response. This was followed by a question and answer period with the audience.

This is the MC reading the Memorial Day Guitar Center specials to a crowd of eager fans.

And heres some stills from the Powerpoint

Produced by Dungeon Master and Nsumi Collective

Creative Direction and Production Management – Eric Barry Drasin

Lead Lecturer – Harry Merrit

Pete McHugh
Mike Amacio
Eric Barry Drasin

Drum Panelists:
Greg Fox
Oren Canfield
Cameron Wisch
Matt Gaffney
George Demora




Cameron Wisch Collaboration

By | 2009

I created a performance with drummer and friend Cameron Wisch involving acoustic drums, glowsticks, fog machine, live camera, projection, audience participation and audio reactive light processing. Cameron performs on an acoustic drum kit along with laptop
computer as Eric Drasin beams laptop projections onto the audience and
stage. A camera captures the movement of the audience and is analysed
by the laptop to form a ‘feedback loop’ of light, echoing and
enhancing the energy of the room.


Experimental Television Center Performance Grant


4/09 – Hudson Valley Contemporary Art Center – w/ Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
6/29/09 – Silent Barn
08/09 – The Tank NYC – with Benton-C Bainbridge and Bobby Previte performing “Dialed In.”

One Minutes

By | 2010

One minutes is a series of one minute audiovisual collaborations between myself and a contemporary composer. This set was done in 2010 with composer Micheal Sperone.  Sets of five will be completed until 50 have been produced, at which time a gallery show will be mounted.  Ongoing works are posted at http://oneminutes.tumblr.com  .

text from DVD jacket:

“In the late spring of 2010, video artist Eric Barry Drasin approached composer Mike Sperone about collaborating on a series of one minute audiovisual compositions. They did not verbally discuss them outside of short emails. They started by creating a single composition that the other would score and then extend another minute. In this way they could start to develop the beginnings of an audiovisual language. In August of 2010 Eric joined Mike for a week at Better Farm in upstate New York where some of this material was also made. “



By | 2011

I directed this really insane music video for Rubblebucket’s single “L’Homme” off their album Omega La La. It features some of my favorite beautiful men striking poses, video scratching, feedback, and lots of bad keying.

It dropped (8/1/11) on music blog Consequence of Sound.

Heres a blurb we wrote to explain it:

The L’homme music video for Rubblebucket, (literally translated as
“The Man”) engages the audience in a hypothetical reversal of power by
eroticising the image of big brother and reimagining him as a
beautiful man. Originally conceived as a tryptich for live
performance, 3 performance artists were filmed making gestures at the
camera. Recontextualizing these images for the music video, they
were then processed, scratched, glitched and rescanned in real-time
using custom video processing system designed by video artist/director
Eric Barry Drasin. Combined with footage later shot of lead singer
Kalmia Traver, Drasin weaves a psychadelic landscape that playfully
pokes fun at power relations between the watcher and the watched.

Featuring Performances by:

Jesse Super Levy of the Levites,
David M. Kline
Ian Fishman
Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket)

Cinematography by:
Scott Schweizer
Sidharta Pascual
Benton-C Bainbridge

Makeup Design:
Abby Weg