Fast Food Music Video

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FFMV was the first project of the Fast Food Collective.  It was an attempt at an experimental platform for DIY music video production and distribution. We were trying to change the idea of what and how a music video is. Developing a concept called social cinema, we employ radically different techniques towards the creation of music videos involving audience participation, cutting edge technology, Absurdist spectacle, non linear story telling, collaborative process and the distribution power of online publishing.

Check out the  Fast Food Music Video Website


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I directed this really insane music video for Rubblebucket’s single “L’Homme” off their album Omega La La. It features some of my favorite beautiful men striking poses, video scratching, feedback, and lots of bad keying.

It dropped (8/1/11) on music blog Consequence of Sound.

Heres a blurb we wrote to explain it:

The L’homme music video for Rubblebucket, (literally translated as
“The Man”) engages the audience in a hypothetical reversal of power by
eroticising the image of big brother and reimagining him as a
beautiful man. Originally conceived as a tryptich for live
performance, 3 performance artists were filmed making gestures at the
camera. Recontextualizing these images for the music video, they
were then processed, scratched, glitched and rescanned in real-time
using custom video processing system designed by video artist/director
Eric Barry Drasin. Combined with footage later shot of lead singer
Kalmia Traver, Drasin weaves a psychadelic landscape that playfully
pokes fun at power relations between the watcher and the watched.

Featuring Performances by:

Jesse Super Levy of the Levites,
David M. Kline
Ian Fishman
Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket)

Cinematography by:
Scott Schweizer
Sidharta Pascual
Benton-C Bainbridge

Makeup Design:
Abby Weg

Rainbow Thieves

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Hybrid inflatable, augmented reality sculpture

For the 2011 Bushwick Open Studios, Sean McIntyre, Jenn Park and myself made a giant inflatable rainbow that vomited out of our 3rd story kitchen window into the empty lot next door.  When people from the street walked by, the had the opportunity to see a custom augmented reality overlay sculpture we put over the empty lot.  rainbowslug pot1 flyer

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

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Eric Barry Drasin @ Glowing Pictures BEMF 2013 Realtime Visuals Excerpts from Eric Barry Drasin on Vimeo.


Eric Barry Drasin did a VJ performance for Glowing Pictures at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Glasslands Stage. For this performance he used ZERO pre-recorded video content. All video was created in realtime and looped to go with the music that was being performed on stage. This video is a compilation of some of the content that was created over the course of the evening.

Music by DJ Sliink from his Soundcloud Page.

Lost Property Unit

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Lost Property Unit – Beat Repeat from Eric Barry Drasin on Vimeo.

Lost Property Unit Night 2 jan 2014 from yuditskaya on Vimeo.


Lost Property Unit @ Gov’s Island from yuditskaya on Vimeo.

Choreography: Mei-Yin Ng
Projection Design: Sofy Yuditskaya
Additional Projection Design: Eric Barry Drasin
Lighting Design: Poe Ayumu
Sound Design: James Lo

In October of 2013 I started a residency on Governors Island with Sofy Yuditskaya and Choreographer Mei-Yin Ng on a multi-media dance performance. Here is some documentation of the works in progress showcase on the Island. The piece is in production for a showcase in early February 2014 as part of “HERE” Culturemart.

In “Lost Property Unit”, New York City’s own chartered dance explorer Mei-Yin Ng opens an investigation into the bodily and soul-driven limits of surveillance, networking, and media. Dance, robotic sculpture, and a time bending blend of live and recorded video craft a chilling narrative of a beautiful recluse and the cyborg pet who is anything but her best friend. Quoting and re-writing Hitchcock’s thrillers, Wong Kar-wai’s nostalgic romances, the science fiction of Twilight Zone, and the canon of Chinese mythology, “Lost Property Unit” lures us into a head space where solitude is never total and togetherness is always just out of reach.

Vornado Reality Interactive Kiosk

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Working with Oxygen Lightworks, I designed an interactive display system for Vornado Reality in NYC.  Vornado needed a slick solution that their sales team could use to show different property configurations in one of their flagship corporate office buildings in Midtown Manhattan.   I built an iPad interface that allowed sales associates to wirelessly control a video and lighting installation while talking to prospective clients.  The iPad interface had a page of buttons consisting of main cues which would change the videos playing on 2 projection screens and adjust the lighting in the room.  The other iPad screen's buttons would up all of the different architectural plans.

Calvin Klein Video Wall

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Calvin Klein was premiering a 2014 product line to potential buyers.  Working with Perception AV, I created a seamless, edge blended wall for the fashion show.  Using Pandora’s Box Media servers, I aligned and blended the three screens so it appeared like a perfect seamless texture across the entire wall of the event space.

Architizer 2013 Awards Ceremony

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Architizer A+ Awards Gala from Architizer on Vimeo.

Working with Architizer and Perception Audio-visual Services I designed all of the content for Architizer’s 2nd International Architecture Awards Ceremony, held at Cedar Lakes Event Space in NYC.   There were two 3 screen wide video walls behind the bars, as well as a 4×4 video wall on the main stage.  I used a combination of animation and presentation technologies including Keynote (believe it or not) to quickly build and modify the presentation and looping visuals for the show.


Four Stories Launch Party – Vice, W Hotel, Dell

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fourstories_web01 fourstories_web03



I collaborated with my friend Matthew Caron on video design for the Four Stories Launch Party at the W New York Downtown on August 9th, 2012

We created a custom video remix for the launch as well as motion graphics inserts designed as interstitials for the party.  We then took everything and remixed it live through our custom VJ software creating an unforgettable experience for all event attendees.

The scene on the red carpet of W New York – Downtown was electric Thursday night as Roman Coppola, The Directors Bureau, W Hotels, and Intel kicked off Four Stories, a short film series and competition. The party inside the hotel was even livelier than the scene on the street. DJ sets by Michaelangelo L’Acqua, W Hotels global music director, Theophilus London and DJ EIKO from Tokyo rocked the crowd. Michael Pitt and James Ransone — who are members of the competition’s judging panel — joined about 200 cinema-loving revelers to celebrate the opening of Four Stories. Roman even delivered a toast to the spirit of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

W New York Downtown’s living room was decked out with large-scale movie posters, cinematic projections and an interactive display. Intel-inspired Ultrabooks™ powered cutting edge animated GIF booths that virtually transported guests to four iconic W Hotels destinations across the globe. Roman and his production company, The Directors Bureau, will produce four short films at W Hotels in Doha, Mexico City, The Maldives, and Washington DC.

John Freida @ The New Museum

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For the John Frieda product launch, we worked with Perception Audiovisual to provide an immersive video installation in the sky room at the New Museum.  There was a super wide LCD video wall, floor projection, LED curtains and holographic product displays that we designed video for.   Showcasing the “foaming” quality of the product, we literally COVERED the entire room with foam during the reveal moment.

Content Direction:  Eric Barry Drasin
3D motion graphics: Jeanne Angel
Production/Media Servers: Perception Audiovisual Services

Brooklyn Night Bazaar December 16th, 2011.

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I constructed a live processing system using a wireless barbie camera and a wiimote nunchuck so that I could have a sweet video jam with Matthew Caron on December 16th, 2011. It was at this huge warehouse in Williamsburg called the Brooklyn Night Bazaar and it was presented by Brooklyn Vegan. Matt had the foresight to bring a VHS deck with him to record what we wound up doing that night, and also managed to get a clean audio recording off of the soundboard. HE combined a recording of our output along with audio from the soundboard to create this instant music video of the bands. Here are some of the videos.

Marc Jacobs and Rob Pruitt MOMA PS1 Installation

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I produced an interactive video installation for Marc Jacobs and Rob Pruitt at MOMA PS1 for their MOVE! Halloween Weekend Extravaganza. We created a custom video processing system that performed a delay on a 3 incoming live camera feeds of people walking up and down a blue runway, and we then subtracted the background in real time using a Difference Matte and composited footage from a real Marc Jacobs runway. And Rob Pruitt made a bunch of wavy mirrors. People got to feel skinny. And famous.

New York Magazine had some nice things to say about it.

A pic showed up in the New York Times Style section

Eric Barry Drasin

Onsite Production Manager:
Reid Bingham

Jeanie Angel

Brendan Byrne

Synthetic Miracle – Videodrums Performance

By | 2010, commercial

In late 2010 I developed the first iteration of the Videodrums instrument. This is the first show I played using the system at Troutman Hall in Brooklyn. The Videodrums work by allowing me to trigger and control effect parameters on video clips and audio clips simultaneously through a midi drumset. The drums wound up being the most tactile and fun way to perform video that I’ve encountered so far.