10/25/09 with Images

By | 2009

Live video performance with Images in support of Genesis P-Ourridge (of Throbbing Gristle) at Purchase College. Live camera by Pete McHugh who crawled around on stage with a flashlight while I processed the live footage with layers of feedback and delay.

Images – Scott Davis, Kai Lord Farmer

Cameraman: Pete McHugh

Video artist: Eric Barry Drasin

Cameron Wisch Collaboration

By | 2009

I created a performance with drummer and friend Cameron Wisch involving acoustic drums, glowsticks, fog machine, live camera, projection, audience participation and audio reactive light processing. Cameron performs on an acoustic drum kit along with laptop
computer as Eric Drasin beams laptop projections onto the audience and
stage. A camera captures the movement of the audience and is analysed
by the laptop to form a ‘feedback loop’ of light, echoing and
enhancing the energy of the room.


Experimental Television Center Performance Grant


4/09 – Hudson Valley Contemporary Art Center – w/ Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
6/29/09 – Silent Barn
08/09 – The Tank NYC – with Benton-C Bainbridge and Bobby Previte performing “Dialed In.”

Simultaneous Invocation

By | 2009

In late 2009 I shot the beginning of an audiovisual score entitled “Simultaneous Invocation.” The piece was never completed but it was realized as an audiovisual composition for videodrums and guitar at Silent Barn in the spring of 2011.