Marc Jacobs and Rob Pruitt MOMA PS1 Installation

By | 2010, commercial

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I produced an interactive video installation for Marc Jacobs and Rob Pruitt at MOMA PS1 for their MOVE! Halloween Weekend Extravaganza. We created a custom video processing system that performed a delay on a 3 incoming live camera feeds of people walking up and down a blue runway, and we then subtracted the background in real time using a Difference Matte and composited footage from a real Marc Jacobs runway. And Rob Pruitt made a bunch of wavy mirrors. People got to feel skinny. And famous.

New York Magazine had some nice things to say about it.

A pic showed up in the New York Times Style section

Eric Barry Drasin

Onsite Production Manager:
Reid Bingham

Jeanie Angel

Brendan Byrne

Synthetic Miracle – Videodrums Performance

By | 2010, commercial

In late 2010 I developed the first iteration of the Videodrums instrument. This is the first show I played using the system at Troutman Hall in Brooklyn. The Videodrums work by allowing me to trigger and control effect parameters on video clips and audio clips simultaneously through a midi drumset. The drums wound up being the most tactile and fun way to perform video that I’ve encountered so far.

One Minutes

By | 2010

One minutes is a series of one minute audiovisual collaborations between myself and a contemporary composer. This set was done in 2010 with composer Micheal Sperone.  Sets of five will be completed until 50 have been produced, at which time a gallery show will be mounted.  Ongoing works are posted at  .

text from DVD jacket:

“In the late spring of 2010, video artist Eric Barry Drasin approached composer Mike Sperone about collaborating on a series of one minute audiovisual compositions. They did not verbally discuss them outside of short emails. They started by creating a single composition that the other would score and then extend another minute. In this way they could start to develop the beginnings of an audiovisual language. In August of 2010 Eric joined Mike for a week at Better Farm in upstate New York where some of this material was also made. “