The Secret Soup

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Secret Soup Performance in Flint MI


Secret Soup is in Your Shoes, (Multi-Channel Installation) All that Glitters, Solo Project House, Newark NJ


The Secret Soup is a digital real-time system for improvised audiovisual composition. Referencing audiovisual synthesis techniques, custom interfaces control LFO waveforms and looper with 1:1 audiovisual counterpart. Lines move across the frame while the oscillators are played to create an audiovisual gesture.

In a constant state of revision, the process has been realized as solo audiovisual performance, immersive interactive projection mapped installation, gallery installation, and as a score for intermedia performance ensemble.

The improvisatory nature of the score allows for constant recombination, breaking down the relationship between preconceived meanings and conceptions.  Language is sublimated into feeling, tone, texture so the habit of its construction can be stripped and a new way can be found.  Emulating the basic relationships of electronic signals allows me to “speak” in this energy. In this way, new meaning can be explored, probing in real-time for the sudden revelation that can occur through an integrated and fully authentic gesture.

Selected Solo Performances:

12.19.14 Fast Food Collective Presents – Single Channel Cheeseburgers @ Secret Project Robot

2.21.14 Single Channel Cheeseburgers @ Outpost Artist Resources

3.2.14 Distended Cinema @ Outpost Artist Resources

Intermedia Ensemble:

5.2.14 Lab No. 3 @ Launchpad Brooklyn

Gallery Shows:

Jan – March 2014, All that Glitters, Group Gallery Show @ Solo Project House Gateway Center, Newark NJ

June – August 2014, The Luminous Surface @ The Mission for Temporal Art, Marshall, North Carolina

Immersive Installation:

May 2014 Generative Soup, Interactive Tether Ball, Projection Mapped House, commissioned by Disorent for Disorient Country Club, Skandanken NY

August 2014, Free City Flint, Projection Mapped Performance, Flint Michigan


for booking please contact me directly @ eric (dot) drasin (at) gmail (dot) com