The First International Symposium on Speed Metal Drumming and Arts in Education

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Dungeon Master fliers
Dungeon Master and Nsumi Collective presented “The First International Simultaneous Speed Metal Drumming Symposium on Arts and Education” at Postmasters Gallery in NYC, on June 26, 2011. This was part of the “Being and Event” evening that was presented by Artist Meeting. Sponsored by Guitar Center.

Dungeon Master, the worlds most brutal academic speed metal powerpoint band, gave opening plenary statements involving a powerpoint lecture about the teleological relationship between, time, the universe and geographic formations on planet earth. Lead Lecturer Harry Merrit was backed by a Speed Metal trio, fog machines and laser pointers to help emphasize the key points in the presentation. Following this was a panel discussion by distinguished speed metal drummers where the panelists answered questions delivered by electric guitar “shred” by one minute rhythmic response. This was followed by a question and answer period with the audience.

This is the MC reading the Memorial Day Guitar Center specials to a crowd of eager fans.

And heres some stills from the Powerpoint

Produced by Dungeon Master and Nsumi Collective

Creative Direction and Production Management – Eric Barry Drasin

Lead Lecturer – Harry Merrit

Pete McHugh
Mike Amacio
Eric Barry Drasin

Drum Panelists:
Greg Fox
Oren Canfield
Cameron Wisch
Matt Gaffney
George Demora