Normcorp is a startup incubator for art businesses. We are starting a startup. We value value.

The startups use the “Lean Startup” methodology to create the most impactful art objects for rich people to store their wealth. The businesses are speculative containers for value that problematize the relationship between a tech startup, a financial asset, and an art object. Drawing from relational aesthetics, generative art, procedural scores, and art contracts, Normcorp creates systems art for the age of distributed technologies and finance.  The companies are DAO’s or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations that use smart contracts to perform their function and reallocate value.

Pictured above is an omnigraffle rendering of the Lean Startup methodology that Normcorp is using.

The Unity snapshot is a preliminary rendering of a hypothetical corporate lobby for Normcorp.

The lobby features hundreds of teller booths, dozens of security checkpoints, giant spiritual security cameras and 4D elevators.

Each startup is housed in a virtual office space in the Normcorp HQ. There are 36 floors, with infinite floors between 1 and 36.  The architectural “program” of each floor mirrors the concept of the startup.

While there may be physical instantiations of the art startup, the actual work lives in the virtual reality environment. In this way, the work addresses the re-materialization of the art object in the context of distributed technologies and automated legal frameworks.