Headgames is a Diggers performance involving the negotiation of a relationship between the body, a head-mounted camera and projected screen.  The image is processed through a custom software system which is controlled by two handheld wireless sensors. The image is then sonified, enabling the body to connect to the mediated image and initiate a dialogue.

Based on Paul Ryan’s notion of “threeing” the Headgames score represents different relational positions that resembles a circuit, or a system of interrelated processes that allows for a behavioral feedback circuit to occur.

Through this feedback circuit, the signal is extended into the environment through light and sound. It becomes something that can be given form and sculpted through movement. Through this embodied choreography of signal, the internal psychic space of the performer becomes immediately externalized and the process of finding balance can be enhanced and made observable.  

Group Process III

Group Process III is an extention of headgames where a signal is passed through three computers, creating a no-input feedback circuit. Each performer sculpts a different aspect of the signal in one of the triadic positions of threeing, (i.e. firstness, secondness, thirdness).  The performers work together to find different balance points in the signal as a type of collective choreography.