Readymade Holiday Recycle Station

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I was commissioned by the NY Hall of Science for the “Re-Make the Holidays” event. We designed an interactive video installation where electronic sensors embedded in everyday products would glitch, scratch and warp christmas videos advertising those products.

Producer – Eric Barry Drasin
Programming – Zephyr Prusinski

The First AlChemical Bank of Public Square

By | 2011

alchemicalbankThe First AlChemical Bank of Public Square was a public art project executed in conjunction with the Occupy movement of Fall 2011, in Watertown NY. Setting up a gift economy bank in the center of town, protesters and passers by were asked to engage with a process that transmuted possibility into self actualizing social currency. These were formalized in gift certificates acknowledging the validity of these desires in the public and private spheres. Protesters were asked to “cash in” their picket signs and then redesign new picket signs actualizing their ideas of what they wanted in the present. The local media picked up on the protesters and we made it onto the local news for the North Country that day!

Silence Club

By | 2012


The Bushwick Silence Club is dedicated to sitting in silence and staring at the wall. We do not talk, fidget, or think.  We do, nothing, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Our practice is familiar to those who engage in mindfulness meditation, however it is not limited to any sect, tradition or belief. We do not have teachers, gurus, crystals, or dreamcatchers. Only a cold concrete floor. Which is its own dreamcatcher.

We meet for one hour every Sunday.


Rainbow Thieves

By | 2011


Hybrid inflatable, augmented reality sculpture

For the 2011 Bushwick Open Studios, Sean McIntyre, Jenn Park and myself made a giant inflatable rainbow that vomited out of our 3rd story kitchen window into the empty lot next door.  When people from the street walked by, the had the opportunity to see a custom augmented reality overlay sculpture we put over the empty lot.  rainbowslug pot1 flyer