My work as an artist, curator and creative technologist deals with the hyper-fluidity of media and the way it transforms relationships and connections. I use my work as a vehicle to examine my personal relationship to technology as both an expressive medium, and a mediation point between self and other.

My primary interest has been in developing Real-time Sound and Visual instruments and interfaces.  I use performance, participation, installation and intervention to activate and transform relational spaces, bridging the virtual and the physical.  In this way, the work becomes a process of playing with the relationships born of modern conditions.

Failure and malfunction is my Utopian praxis, requiring constant renewal and investigation into the creative openings that occur when things fall apart.   Humor often also plays a role in critiques of power structures, both mundane and supramundane, for it allows for us to approach the impossible with humility.

My approach towards composition is inherently social.  I use curation as a way to create temporary space for community, and apply composition in order to explore possibilities within a defined space.  In this context, performance is a form of game play, and the score is the rules of the game.

This has and does include creating Improvised Electronics Round Robins,  Kabbalistic Pinball Synthesizers, Aleatoric Immersive Theater Experiments, alChemical Currency Exchanges in public parks, a Speed Metal Philosophy Lecture/Incursion in a Gallery, light and sound activations in bombed out Chevy Factories, and creating interactive video experiences for glowing screens of varying platforms.