I directed this really insane music video for Rubblebucket’s single “L’Homme” off their album Omega La La. It features some of my favorite beautiful men striking poses, video scratching, feedback, and lots of bad keying.


It dropped (8/1/11) on music blog Consequence of Sound.

Heres a blurb we wrote to explain it:

The L’homme music video for Rubblebucket, (literally translated as
“The Man”) engages the audience in a hypothetical reversal of power by
eroticising the image of big brother and reimagining him as a
beautiful man. Originally conceived as a tryptich for live
performance, 3 performance artists were filmed making gestures at the
camera. Recontextualizing these images for the music video, they
were then processed, scratched, glitched and rescanned in real-time
using custom video processing system designed by video artist/director
Eric Barry Drasin. Combined with footage later shot of lead singer
Kalmia Traver, Drasin weaves a psychadelic landscape that playfully
pokes fun at power relations between the watcher and the watched.

Featuring Performances by:

Jesse Super Levy of the Levites,
David M. Kline
Ian Fishman
Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket)

Cinematography by:
Scott Schweizer
Sidharta Pascual
Benton-C Bainbridge

Makeup Design:
Abby Weg