Initiated in 2016 with Benton-C Bainbridge:
http://MovingPictures.Gallery is an artist-run digital art gallery presenting realtime media artists who create electronic art with custom software, hardware, circuits and code. The process is immediate, creating a dialogue between artist, machine and observer.
MovingPictures.Gallery exists to substantiate digital media art. A cryptographic ’hash’ stamps each irreplaceable audiovisual performance with its unique fingerprint; the blockchain enters the hash in a decentralized ledger, and smart contracts ensure provenance and resale royalties to artists. Emerging cryptocurrency technologies enable seamless, peer to peer transactions that are trackable, and trustworthy. As digital money matures, ethereal media art will enjoy a symbiotic growth towards the future mainstream.
We are working towards the materialization of the digital media art object.
Each piece we exhibit is a single edition.
Through connecting realtime media production and digital provenance tools, we create parity between the uniqueness of the realtime process and the uniqueness of the art object.
Realtime Media Art, editions of one.
We are developing a toolset to enable digital media artists to sell and participate in resales of their work.  We are doing this through an emerging technology called the blockchain.  The blockchain provides provenance through smart contracts and a decentralized ledger. This technology enables seamless, peer to peer transactions that are trackable, and trustworthy.


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