Fast Food Music Video was the first project of the Fast Food Collective.  It was an attempt at an experimental platform for DIY music video production and distribution.  A Cybernetic Theater, where the production technology WAS the site of performance.

Three music videos were created in one night using realtime video processing effects and scoring.  With Baltimore-based video artist Chris Balint, we created a library of analog glitch effects which could then be applied to the music videos to generate unique aesthetics.

We were trying to change the idea of what and how a music video is. Developing a concept called social cinema, we employ radically different techniques towards the creation of music videos involving audience participation, cutting edge technology, Absurdist spectacle, non linear story telling, collaborative process and the distribution power of online publishing.

Big Snow Buffalo Lodge curated and hosted this session.
Sound was recorded, mixed and mastered by Big Snow Buffalo Lodge.