Exit Strategy (2018 in progress) explores the relationship between art and systems of value through the lens of technological disruption. Creating a speculative blockchain startup called “Normcorp,” the work embodies the methodologies, frameworks and language of business to intersect and interrogate the networked context of the art object. The locus of this work is an emerging platform called the blockchain, which is a distributed peer to peer ledger. The blockchain can be used for the creation of cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) or distributed, trustless software applications.

These are preliminary studies in anticipation of launching the actual startup.

“Exit Strategy,” is the point of consummation when a technology company is sold after negotiating the lean startup cycle. At this point, it becomes object and achieves full release, therefore becoming art. For this installation, a green laser projects the words on the ceiling of the gallery.

“White Paper is an infinitely scrolling, monochromatic web page. A white paper is a document usually issued by a company when it is launched to detail its proposed ideas.”

“Lean Startup Strategy Control 1” is the methodology for the creation of a business art object