2015 Improvised Electronics Round Robin (Dark Circuits II), Nov 8, Culturehub
2015 Improvised Electronics Round Robin (Ecstatic Peace Circle), Culturehub
2015 Improvised Electronics Round Robin (January 11), Culturehub
2014 Improvised Electronics Round Robin @ Culturehub (september, november)
2013 November, Improvised Electronics Round Robin @ Steel Drums)
Round Robin
The Improvised Electronics Round Robin serves as a platform for tool builders, artists and engineers to experiment in a performance based environment.  Our focus is on custom instruments for the creation of real-time sound and visuals.  The Round Robin strives to maintain an open atmosphere dedicated to inventive performability and signal processing systems.
Performers are to play as solo instrumentalists with either audio, video, or audiovisual performance systems.   Performers set up in a circle and play short interlocking sets in a clockwise fashion.  After the initial round,  each iteration of the Round Robin will feature a different theme that will slightly alter the structure of the previous session.  This includes the introduction of a specific set of rule based systems or guest composer’s score.
Past iterations have included traditional “rounds” of short interlocking sets and more expanded concepts such as “Audiovisual Speed Dating” and Hans Tammen’s “Dark Circuits Light Orchestra,”  and the “Ecstatic Peace Circle.”
Performers have traditionally set up around the perimeter of the room with the audience standing in center for a fully immersive effect.  Depending on the capabilities of the space, we adjust the formation to accommodate the technical capabilities.  Each visual performer is allotted one screen, and sound performers mute their instrument when they are not playing.